Our Focus

Niche Technologies

Mollitiam has placed talent with nearly every specialized technology in the Automation industry.

Knowing people

Knowing people

Thousands of qualified professionals in network and years of creating valuable industry relationships

Growing people

Growing people

A passion for helping those advance their careers.

Oil & Gas

Mollitiam began Automation staffing career focused in the Oil & Gas industry. Based in Houston, TX, it was only natural. Mollitiam understands the Operations that Automation technologies support – from drilling to delivery. I value Oil & Gas as an essential and valuable energy resource for the world and my family.


Mollitiam began working on Manufacturing requirements in 2018 and has since leveraged our ever-expanding network to include even more Automation professionals who are in, or wish to join, the Manufacturing industry. Servicing Pharmaceuticals, Food & Bev, Automobile, etc utilizing all engineering processes.

Water / Wastewater

Mollitiam began working on Water/Wastewater positions in 2019 and successfully built a team of 7 Sales and SCADA professionals in 2 months. Water is a growing and stable market and Mollitiam is ready to provide this sector’s talent.

Information Technology

Mollitiam’s President began his staffing career in 2007 focusing solely on traditional Information Technology positions. As the worlds of Information Technology and Operational Technology continue to merge, Mollitiam has an added advantage of having extensive experience in both of these fields.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is a fast-growing market, leading the new age of power for our lives. We place talent in Solar, Wind, and Hydropower. Working with the latest power generation and Smart Grid technologies, this talent is essential to propel Renewable Energy forward for years to come.